Extra-Curricular Activities

Extra-Curricular Activities


It is undeniable that sports play a major role in the physical as well as all-round development of children. Thus, not only do we help our students excel academically, but also encourage them to achieve extra-curricular stardom.

At Al Amana, we believe in building a culture that cultivates the spirit of sportsmanship. A culture that evokes a sense of respect for the rights of others. Children learn to collaborate, be effective team players, and better their performances, as well as aspire for victory within the parameters of accepted rules. AAPS offers children a mix of activities around the year to develop the various aspects of a child’s personality and physical well-being. Students have the opportunity to explore a range of activities. 


We are committed to developing and honing our students’ literary skills through an array of exciting activities and events comprising Debates, performances, Public speaking opportunities, Creative writing, Journalism, Recitations, Quizzes, Poetry, and Story writing. These skills collectively aid in building a holistic personality as students get to work on their diction, vocabulary, eloquence, and over-all presentation.

Community Service

Community Service is an initiative that ignites within children the need to give back to society. At its core, lies the message every child needs to understand and adopt: No matter where you come from, be grateful for what you possess and leave no stone unturned to serve others with that which you possess, for compassion and humanity are values that sustain this world.

The students of Al Amana have time and again visited orphanages, Weekly activities are planned by student leaders and duly implemented in the right spirit. Trips to old age home, provided students with the platform to bring two generations together, getting a peek inside their lives and sharing a part of their own.

Throughout the years, entire batches of students have dedicated themselves and made innumerable efforts to help restore forests and plant trees. Spreading awareness against deforestation and ozone depletion, and many other eco-friendly measures have been taken at every step.

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