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Al Amana Private School is a renowned school situated in Sharjah, where we challenge ourselves to do things differently, in that we treat education as a dynamic, creative, and constantly evolving process that opens our minds to various ways of critical thinking. Our staff and students both enjoy a well curated set of facilities that ensure a fresh new perspective on teaching and learning, which is essential to maintaining the high standard of education that we have becomes so used to. Our IT department provides a modern environment of teaching and learning, and our teachers use the new technological applications at their disposal to facilitate and assist learners in transforming their knowledge into real life solutions. Our classrooms are equipped with projectors, interactive boards, and an active internet connection. Scope and project-based learning are at the core of our learning activities, that encourages our students to collaborate and engage in critical thinking and problem solving. Our school library is a treasure trove of knowledge, with books for all ages stocked to be used in research or to read for pleasure and to expand one’s mental horizon. We also have a well-equipped laboratory which can be used for various subjects’ classes, such as Physics, Chemistry and Biology, especially secondary school students. To facilitate the education, there need to be amenities and facilities which can keep everyone sharp and healthy.
  • We have designated school canteen. To focus on healthy eating, we provide our students with fresh and healthy refreshments and snacks. Hygiene and strict quality control are regarded as the priority
  •  We also have a medical clinic which is equipped to regulatory standards. They are staffed with 2 full-time nurses who attend to the first aid requirements that staff and students might need, should they arise. In addition to this, all students receive regular medical examinations, and the clinic works in close conjunction with the Ministry of Health in the Emirate of Sharjah.
Sport and leisure are also prioritized, and so we have two playgrounds and a play area, where students play and engage in sports activities. Our Physical Education teachers deliver the sports curriculum across the school to all students with an emphasis to develop healthier lifestyles. Furthermore, it is also very important to always maintain the safety and security of our school. To ensure this, the office, classrooms, labs, libraries, and the campus in general are under electronic camera surveillance.

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